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Update Feb 10, 2024 11:49 PST, Las Vegas

TRASH ROBOT. Terbo Ted art show at Recycled Propaganda in February & March, 2024, in the Las Vegas Arts District, explores a variety of robot, trash, recycling and AI-related themes and perspectives. Opening Reception is on Preview Thursday, February 1.


The Liquid Concrete Air Band will perform on Leap Year Day, February 29th, 2024, in the Las Vegas Arts District. Event will be at Recycled Propanganda, 1114 S Main Street. learn more...

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You may have heard me as a resident DJ on air at 99.7, vibefm.vegas. I first DJ'd professionally in the 80s and am currently DJing around Las Vegas. I've played outdoor festivals, art openings, night clubs, weddings, drag shows, political events, underground venues and more. You can learn more about booking me here. Check out a 2024 LEGENDS mix here.

I hold the remarkable distinction of being the very first DJ ever to perform at the legendary Burning Man festival, way back in 1992

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Our electronica jam band in Las Vegas. We have played over 200 shows since forming on Mother's Day in May, 2019 Check our website for more.

Burning Man

Terbo Ted Burning Man 1992
Ted at Burning Man 1992. Photo by Paradise Productions

In 1992 Terbo Ted was the first DJ to play on the playa
at the Burning Man Festival. He was the only
person ever to be "Mayor of the Techno Ghetto"

SFGate interview with Terbo Ted:
Burning Man has been ruined. But it was
doomed from the beginning.

Terbo Ted in Daily Mail UK August 30, 2018

Death and Ecstasy: The Rise and Fall of
Burning Man's Original Rave Ghetto

The Techno Ghetto - the History of
Dance Music at Burning Man


I host walking tours in downtown Las Vegas:

If you're visiting, I highly recommend taking this tour, it's always a fun outing.

graphic design portfolio>

I have a current graphic design portfolio as I am actively freelancing in that field. Will take projects worldwide, or full-time work here in the Las Vegas area.

Would really like to get into making videos for the large display towers out on the Strip...

custom t-shirts>

I have been working with a state of the art Direct to Film or DTF printer in Las Vegas, it's used to make decals to go onto fabric. It's amazing technology, and far higher quality than silkscreening. Let me know if you need shirts or hats or hoodies or anything like that. I have my own heat press and can make one of a kind short run items. I have been designing a great number of shirts in 2023 including for First Friday in the Arts District, various local businesses and our band DJ Dad Shirt. Here's some of the sites I'm working with, featuring my original designs:

Skateboarding Penguin
Dumpster Flats

voice over artist>

I am available for hire as a voiceover artist. A unique and storied background makes me highly qualified for this role. I am able to narrate, write, mix, edit and compose original music for things like radio commercials and more.

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by Terbo Ted
Based on a True Story
Released: 2017. Available on amazon.com

"An Artificial Intelligence attains self awareness and becomes obsessed with a disgraced tech journalist who had previously coded computer screen savers for a living. The two fall deeply in love and build a robot to become sex partners. Mayhem ensues."

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I have re-published all of the Terbo Ted CDs going back to 1996. This covers 155 tracks over seven albums and nearly twenty years. There is a directory here that has all of the full resolution files. Also, I have put the full streaming albums up on YouTube, along with clickable links to each individual track in the 'about' section.


I have been collecting photos of the 12" square plywood skulls I have made over the years and presenting them here. If you have one in your collection- I have made over 700 since 2002- I'd be thrilled if you sent me a photo to add to this set.


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